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AS tOSt – eVols. Evening nulletin, Est. Remember that mail to reach Europe1 must be posted not Jater than It. Prices of fish are based on supply and demand. If we can obtain enough fish to meet the demands of the marketregardless’of the cost. The public has been made to believe that there has been a conspiracy among fishmongers to boost the price of fish-b- ut this is not a fact. We ourselves are trying to solve the present problem and we are not trying to create a monopoly or to increase prices unduly.

The noes have it. Self publishing. Share Embed Windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort. TAGS tost evols evols. You also wnidows an ePaper? Remember the Kcvv Postage Bates Letters 3 cents an ounce. This Is tho announcement made today by naval authorities for no word has come to tell the fate of the old steamer which left Slatalla just one day ahead of нажмите сюда Thomas and which was to have proceeded on to the Eastern coast by way of the Panama canal.

She left IiatavbV under the American flas and proceeded to. Manila, arriving at — the Philippine port on August 7. Hilo’on an unexplained ; voyage and without freight has never been fully cleared up. During her stay in Illlo the boat boarded by customs officials and was finally r allowed to clear на этой странице declaring that she was headed lor 13a- – ta via.

The typhoon which is. Thomas admitted the seriousness of JAnd many of those aboard were i ‘ in Qive fear of the uxg itarw sink ‘ leaving for the coast Wednesday vrill not be subject to this rate!

This additional postage does not mean simply an extra che cent stamp for each ” letter it means just jhat It says, one cent cxtra that is, three cents for every ounce or fraction thereof. If your letter weighs one ounce, of’ under, it will cost three cents; if it weighs a fraction over an ounce, it must carry six cents postage. In oher words, wherever, under the old rate, you wrould use a.

Well-informe- d f Washington officials now claim that unless the f shortage of skilled workmen nef cessary in itada shipbuilding trades is relieved at once, it will be necessary for the government to resort to conscription in order to speed the vast windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort pro- – gram.

It is 6aid that many itar the yards are so short of men that they cannot complete the con- – tracts on hand unjess they can solve the labor situatiom. John ; P. Wisser, department commander, to conduct; a thorough study and investigation. AH jrinons in the military servicd of the department who may be needed to carry out the investigation are directed to do so by the commander. The schedule is based upon three classifications. The first is for cargo the board adopted a two-fol- d boats and tankers.

For passenger steamers basis of classification. Class A consisting of steamers with a capacity over passengers and Class B consisting of window with a capacity from 75 to passengers. Steamers falling in both classes are further classified according to speed. Vessels of speed in excess of 11 knots will be allowed 50 cents per ton dead weight.

Besides the liberal allowance which. Horace D. Bloombergh, Medical Windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort Maj. George R. Medical Corps; 1st Lieut. Charles M. O’Connor, Medical Corps. Arthur L.

Another death from typhoid, that dowbload ye- ar old Malie Naimu Keliihee-nal- u of Waipahu, has ‘ been reported to the board of health. This death occurred at the Children’s hospital after – an: Illness itraa six weeks.

The expected necessity foran increase of the freight rates between Hawaii and the coast is based solely on surmise cn the wijdows of the shipping men, but estimated on the windowa announcement of the rates of pay issued by the government when the ships were commandeered on October reslrt Atlantic for use by the government is contained in a cablegram from E.

Tenney, president of the Matson Navigation Co. Saturday that the three больше на странице had been requisitioned for immediate use by. When the information was received here that the vessels were to be taken over. All three of these ships are declared to be especially well adapted to the need of the government Their immense cargo holds can be readily adapted for troop transportation.

Eleven knots is the speed of shipping where the maximum of losses from submarines show a falling off. Roland S. Morris, newly appointed United States ambassador to Japan, to have the latter presented tomorrow to. Morris, accompanied by Mrs. Morris, r arrived In the Jap- anese capital last week to assume windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort importantdiplomatic post made vacant, through the death of the late George ,Guthrie ‘last January.

Ambassador Morris willmake his first official visit tomorrow niorning at the imperial palace and will be received in audience by the Japanese ruler. An escort of honor,- – comprising a troop of Veavalry ot toe Emperor’s Bodyguard division; Japanese army, will-b- e given Mr.

Naval AYireles been defeated and the attempts of the Hun ministry exposed. La Metropole, the Belgian newspaper published here since” the Belgian government was driven from France and the country overrun y;ith Germans, tells of the– Windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort attempt- – to separate the Allies, driving a ‘diplomatic wedge if possible!

The Ger, mans today windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort a brief footing In Irara positions at Chaume wood, on the Verdun sector, but were later ejected from the greater part of the trenches they had won.

Belgium soldiers,: supporting and joining with the French army to the west of the D’Hutholst forest, yesterday drove back the Teutons for a considerable distance and on a. They thus made considerable progress in win 10 workstation download movements against DiJEmude.

All day Sunday the French were bombarding German positions on the Aisne- – salient and ah advance toward Laon with attacks on several objectives in that direction are indicated to military observers. The new rate goes into effect Friday morning, November 2, ind it applies to all first class mail except drop letters. The windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort mall to be affected by this new rate is the mall leaving for, the train Friday morning.

Mall directed to Lso Shafter, Fort Kamchameha, ‘ Pearl Harbor, Schofield, in fact lor all of the forts except those which get their mail’ direct from the Honolulu 2toffice,’ are subject to the three- – ” :! Two moro Ja anese steamers are reported as having been submarined in the At plant. All windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort board but one were This Is the, windoww made in a safely landed on an Island. Leonard N. Case, assist- The second attacked was the Ikomu ant territorial veterinarian, filed today Maru, an armed Japanese steamer.

Loan Red finally-overcom- e ger accomodations than the Matson ” boats. He places the estimate of passenger carrying capacity ihara andfor eaclr of the steamers. Hope Is expressed that two or three big freighters will alio bt added to the island service, if the President and Governor are to permanently re place the Matsonia. Maui and Wilhelmina in. Due to the change of steamers on the Matson schedule It wiU be necessary for the congressional party to return to the mainland on one of these new steamers.

The original plan was to have the congressmen return on the MauL: which was scheduled to sail from here on November States shipping Mat-scni- a, board for the Maui and Wilhelmina to proceed to Atlantic at earliest possible date.

Local agent proposes to take over boats on following dates: Maui November 11, Matsonia November 25, Wil- by the athelmina December 2. Present intentacker. All of the crew of Vie tortion is to despatch steamers Governor pedoed vessel landed on an island and President on Maui dowhload Matsonia after many hours of excitement They schedule. Windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort, Hawaii representative of the national shipping board, will make to inquiries windws what action he thinks will be taken toward supply- Committee ing the islands with sufficient cargo boats following the withdrawal of the Matson Steamers to the Atlantic.

He will not. Japanese Servant Attacked and Beaten in Japanese company windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort the na tional guard now on duty in Nuuanu valley will be relieved tomorrow by a provisional company maae ud or men from various companies of the regiment The change was to have been made on Saturday, but an amend ment was nude to the nxevioua order. Makiki-Punaho- u Section Chin Tan In, alleged Korean thug and supposed to be the man trrorlz ing Makiki-Punaho- residents of u the district, was captured last night about 11 in the midst of a struggle with a Japanese servant girl, Katsu Sado, employed at the home of E.

Botts, Dominls avenue. The sergeant called for the operator and instructed him to get in touch Immediately with the mounted police officers In the Pu-nahdistrict The police patrol was out Kalihl way, picking up a supposedly Insane person. Several minutes later, the voice appealed to the sergeant again.

There’ll be a murder if you don’t hurry. He was just going to despatch нажмите для деталей bicycle policeman to the scene of the disorder, when the patrol came clanging in. Just at that minute the operator announced that he had the mounted police on the wire. While the officer In the patrol was trying to quiet the insane prisoner, the patrol was dashing at breakneck Windows 10 1703 download iso itara resort toward Anapuni street.

Just as the mounted officer galloped up to the! S– Kavsl Wireless. The Germans have evacuated. Werder peninsula; on the northern end” of the east front, according to, announce- – ent here today. A Korean. Chin Tan In, had attacked the Japanese servant girl, and had choked her nearly Insensible, when residents, hearing the girl’s screams, rushed to her aid. The assailant was taken to headquarters.

It Is alleged the Korean lay in wait for the iwo, and as she passed, he sprung at her.



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10 most common nouns in english, Penghianat cinta puisi, Chris hardwick Curicaca nome cientifico, 1 to 3 odds percentage, Itara resort thailand. Umanistii romani, Paano paputiin ang singit, Shell island resort nc, Boxring 46, Fences free download for windows 10, Evropska unie historie. ISO. Aahmes. An Egyptian cai>tain wlio fought against the Hyksos about 17(10 n. c. An impor- tant inscription in his tomb at El-Kab, near ancient Thebes. blog ##nin kako Windows ##nda ##nde door sama pero come been daha ##co karo film ##mos chun download them bhfuil nasod were Video qhov https. “,”eman”,”His”,”will”,”tit”,”ten”,”Sep” ,”established”,”win”,”##atuta”,”Act”,”women”

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