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Improving app and update downloads in Windows 10 with Delivery Optimization. Updated the Connect flyout so that the clickable area for each. How do I download the Windows 10 Creators Update? Windows 10 Creators Update Version ISO Files Now Available for Download. How can I install the Windows Windows 10 release, ISO file size ; Windows 10 version (), GB ; Windows 10 version (), GB ; Windows 10 version . Note: Ctrl + mouse wheel always zooms in or out. Older builds of Windows 10 (v and earlier). Get “Scroll to prev/next picture” functionality. This specification defines the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 and all types of devices or computers designed for Windows 10, version and.❿


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This windoqs is resolved in KB Продолжить чтение a new question. By any means the computer is not being used beyond its normal boundaries. This thread is locked. Therefore, Common data is used to provide Windows 10 and Windows 11, and may be used to improvepersonaliserecommendoffer or promote Microsoft and third-party products and services, depending on the uses described in the Data Use statements for each data category.❿

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You can do this via the control panel. Then, once the updates are done, you should go to your System Tray and click the small Windows icon. If your computer is compatible, your Windows 10 upgrade will be reserved and queued. Patience is key when upgrading your Windows OS because it might take a while.

Once your reserved copy is ready, a dialogue box will appear asking to download the installer. Start the download and get ready for a long wait. The size of the installer could vary, but it should be at least 2.

The on-screen prompts will guide you through the process. As we mentioned earlier, always start by creating a backup of your files on another computer just in case something goes wrong. Nevertheless, chances are everything will go smoothly if you follow the instructions in the letter.

The tool is usually meant for creating a Windows installation USB or DVD drive, but you can also use it to upgrade your operating system. Voice, inking, and typing subtype: Information about voice, inking, and typing features. Use of a specified data category by a Microsoft product or service to protect and provide the described service, including, i troubleshoot and fix issues with the product or service or ii provide product or service updates.

Use of a specified data category to improve or increase the quality of a Microsoft product or service. Those improvements may be available to end users. Use of the specified data categories to create a customised experience for the end user in any Microsoft product or service.

Use of the specified data categories give recommendations about Microsoft products or services the end user may act on where the recommendation is i contextually relevant to the product or service in which it appears, ii that can be accessed without the need to make a purchase or pay money, and iii Microsoft receives no compensation for the placement. Implies that the source of the data is Microsoft products and services, and the upgrades offered come from Microsoft products and services that are relevant to the context of the current capability.

The target audience for the offer is Microsoft customers. Specifically, use of the specified data categories to make an offer or upsell new capability or capacity of a Microsoft product or service that is i contextually relevant to the product or service in which it appears; ii likely to result in additional future revenue for Microsoft from end user; and iii Microsoft receives no consideration for placement. Use of the specified data categories to promote a product or service in or on a first-party Microsoft product or service.

Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode. What is Windows 10 Creators Update? What is Windows 10 Redstone 2? When will Microsoft release Windows 10 Creators Update?

Microsoft says the update will become available in the spring of How do I download the Windows 10 Creators Update? For Windows 8. Windows 10 Creators Update focuses on creativity, collaboration, sharing and 4K gaming. Create three dimensional imagery using Paint 3D which you can share with the Remix 3D community or on your favorite social network. Reduce the impact of blue light on your eyes and sleeping patterns using Night Light.

Use Dynamic Lock to secure your computer using a bluetooth enabled smart phone. Manage the security, health and performance of your computer in one centralized location using Windows Defender Security Center. Customize your Start menu in new ways by creating folders for apps and games; hide Start when accessing All Apps.

Personalize your Windows 10 experience even more color and theme options. Spin up virtual machines even faster using Hyper-V Quick Create. Photos now has a horizontal navigation bar that makes it easier to view memories by Albums and Folders.

Let your photo collection shine! You can always go back to the dark theme in settings. See individual photos more quickly with your mouse—and now we support full screen. This update introduces a few new things for you to check out: You can now open email messages in a new window. You can now use Quick Actions directly from new email notifications. Type the symbol anywhere in the body of your email and start typing to pick the person you want to address.

Check out some of our new features: Enjoy taking photos, videos, and panoramas with our higher-contrast capture buttons. Set a photo timer right from the camera dashboard with our new toggle control. Get to Settings faster! Now, launch into Settings directly from the camera UI. Access your camera roll with one hand from its new spot on the screen. Zoom more easily with the new zoom slider. Make sure you nailed the shot, with a more noticeable capture animation.

Change between front- and rear-facing cameras with a more prominent button control. On PC, use the spacebar as a shortcut to take pictures. Official Ubuntu Ubuntu Windows 10, version 21H1 update history. Windows 10, version 20H2 and Windows Server, version 20H2 update history. Windows 10, version and Windows Server, version update history.

Windows 10, version , Windows Server, version , and Windows Server update history. Windows 10, version update history. Windows 10, version and Windows Server update history. Windows 10 initial version released July update history. Sign in with Microsoft. You have multiple accounts. Windows 10, version , all editions Windows Server version Windows 10, version 20H2, all editions Windows Server, version 20H2, all editions Windows 10, version 21H1, all editions More Release Date:.

This non-security update includes quality improvements. Key changes include: This build includes all the improvements from Windows 10, version No additional issues were documented for this release. Addresses an issue that fails to keep the NumLock state after a Fast Startup restart. Addresses an activation issue for the Input application. Addresses an issue that causes a stop error after a restart. Symptoms Workaround Devices with Windows installations created from custom offline media or custom ISO image might have Microsoft Edge Legacy removed by this update, but not automatically replaced by the new Microsoft Edge.

Use the following steps to extract the SSU: Extract the cab from the msu via this command line using the package for KB as an example : expand Windows Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No.

Thank you! Any more feedback? The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? This causes Citrix Provisioning to cache to server instead of caching to your local cache disk or RAM. Members of the Local Administrators group will always be granted access. The Registry key and local group are created as part of the VDA installation process. To enable it:. This feature requires the following:.

You can also set the following registry value on the VDA. Microsoft is targeting their KB patch for the third week of August This fix requires a registry edit to enable. From CTP James Rankin The ultimate guide to Windows logon time optimizations, part 6 : DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout tells the logon process to wait for a shorter time before switching from session 0 to the actual session in use. After the loading, the dialog box disappears, and the Explorer application fails to appear.

On the VDA, use the following registry change to set the length of time a client session waits before disconnecting the session:. The timeout can be increased by setting the following:. From Citrix CTX Application Connection Starts but Disappears after Timeout : after loading the published application, the dialog box disappears, and the application fails to appear. By default, the user is prompted to select a upload location. If you use the Upload feature multiple times, the last selected folder is not remembered.

Environment variables are supported. When this value is configured, users are no longer prompted to select an upload location. The change takes effect at next logon.

Citrix Policies also control graphics performance. This is similar to RDP drive mapping. When you reconnect, the client drives will be mapped as drive letters starts with V: and goes backwards. Citrix Policy setting Universal driver preference must be adjusted to enable PDF printing as higher priority than PS postscript printing. See Citrix Docs for more details. By default, non-Windows clients cannot map printers due to a missing print driver on the VDA machine.

You can launch the above script from a scheduled task that triggers when certificate auto-enroll is complete.

Citrix Blog Post Citrix Recommended Antivirus Exclusions : the goal here is to provide you with a consolidated list of recommended antivirus exclusions for your Citrix virtualization environment focused on the key processes, folders, and files that we have seen cause issues in the field:.

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